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Of the seven sections,
The Chaconne is introductory and optional.

The second section -
Cadential Structure - is so central that the entire book might well be called Cadential Structure.  Another name for cadential structure might be tonal harmony - but there is a point, which becomes self-explanatory, in using the terms cadential and structure.

The next four sections -
Unitary and Binary Structures, Linear and Periodic Structures, Modules and Modalities, and Structural Counterpoint - introduce and discuss processes and modalities which include, involve and transcend cadential structure.

The last section,
Modular Composition is a summation and review.  It is not a composition manual.  It describes how symphonic compositions have been constructed in the past.  Composers are always doing things that have never been done before.  It is not my intention to predict or prescribe.

Cadential Structure to Modular Composition, this web site is intended to be roughly sequential.  Feel free to skip around, but terms and concepts defined and discussed in earlier chapters will not be explained again for the benefit of leap frogs.

- Part Two
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Part Two
Lester Allyson Knibbs, Ph.D.

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The Chaconne

Cadential Structure

Unitary & Binary Structures

Linear & Periodic Structures

Modules and Modalities

Structural Counterpoint

Modular Composition

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